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Just returned from a wonderful time relaxing in Sedona. Working on some more floral plaster relief pieces. Tomorrow the saw comes out!!!! ! Can’t wait.

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Guess the Pattern

Part of my Stampede collection and a continuation of a study of agriculture patterning can you guess what this one is inspired from?

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Watercolour #101

Just an FYI about creating watercolour images from my perspective… It has literally been years since I cleaned of my paint tray. I add more primary paint as needed and a bit of burnt umber too. On my small little pallette I literally have hundreds of colors set up from continual mixing. AND when I…

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The Pattern

I have been lucky enough to connect with some interesting things that have been very artistically inspiring in life over the past couple of years. I think they are bringing me full circle, so to speak. Just last month I presented with Amy Dryer at The Women’s Resource Center in the University of Calgary. Our…

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Tiny Landscapes

I have a goal to complete 100 Tiny Landscapes for Saturday at Millarville Farmers Market. I am at 27, I started yesterday. Will I make it???

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