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This is how I do selfies.

I am making hay, so to speak, since I can’t be outside working on art in the pouring rain. This is my selfie during production today in my apron that I produce art in. Look for me wearing it when you come to visit me at my booth during Stampede this year.

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Today is Necklace Day

In the foreground of this image are 100 year old shingles that I will be chopping into pieces that will be made into pendants for this years Stampede. Behind them is a couple of finished pieces on the display board that they will hang on. Less than a month before #firstfriday !

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Ready for a Rainy Day

The last few days I have been at my chop saw madly producing my wood canvases. Today I did some mudding and now I literally have piles of frames ready to go. Pictured here are six foot long wood canvases with plaster treatment and on the back table are piles of large shingles on float…

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Stampede 2014

Saws are out and production of frames and mixed media pieces are well on their way. I had some butterflies thinking about everything that will be coming off the production lines in the next couple of weeks.

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Just returned from a wonderful time relaxing in Sedona. Working on some more floral plaster relief pieces. Tomorrow the saw comes out!!!! ! Can’t wait.

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Crazy Productive!

I am having an incredibly productive day today in the studio. AND that means I should take a break. Going for my first outdoor ride of the season. #mentalhealth #weather #yyc

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