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Welcome to my video series where I ask 10 questions of each of my guests. I am wildly interested in how artists do what we do, so I decided to host a video/podcast series asking about their work + journey.

I’m thrilled to introduce my next Stampede guest: Bernadette mcCormack

July 11, 2019 – Bernadette McCormack, from Vancouver Island has a great storyabout hos she started in the art world. Bernadette was invited by Canadian Mint to create a collection for them, it has not been minted YET, but I will get the full collection when it is. Last year she was invited to create a space for the BC Children’s Hospital (learn more about that in the video too)



Shown are images painted by Bernadette McCormack for the Artist Ranch Project, Calgary Stampede 2019.


Jill Nuckles

July 9, 2019 – I met Jill Nuckles in September of 2012. We both attended the Artist Ranch Project with the Calgary Stampede and became fast friends. Well, Jill and I are at it again. We were invited to be part of the ten year anniversay show this year, 2019 and so we are showing right now at the Stampede in the Western Showcase, Jill has some lovely pieces there. Jill is also the fearless leader of the Handmade Here Artisan Show + Sale that I participate in every year on the third weekend of November. Of any artist I know, Jill is the best connector and cheerleader I know. When Jill is not making art and craft, you will find her at the Alberta Craft Council in CSpace. You can find images of her Stampede work on her instagram page HERE  or learn even more about Jill and her work at littlefeltfactory.com

To see more of the art in the background, go to: karenscarlett.com/product-category/animals/

Veronica Funk

April 9, 2019 – Veronica Funk has had a long and interesting career and it was so much fun to sit and find out more about what makes her tick and learn about some of her themes, thoughts, struggles and where  inspirations come from.

I know that Veronica and I seem like long lost friends when you hear us in this video but truth is, we met for the first time when she came to sit on my sofa and let me ask her ten questions!

You can find more of Veronica’s work at veronicafunk.com

Veronica’s work is wildly colourful with loads of interesting mark making throughout it. We are both currently showing work at The Lineham House Galleries in Okotoks. Be sure to go check out our art there during The Flower Show with ten other area artists, April – June 2019.

The Horse behind Veronica and I, is named Claremont Girl II after the farm I grew up on, the farm was named by my Great Grandmother and my Grandpa Scarlett loved heavy horses and had them on the farm as work horses. You can find more information on  it HERE.

Amy Gaulin

March 19, 2019 – I met Amy Gaulin while teaching at Swinton’s Art Supply+ Instruction. Amy has been working at the store as well as as an instructor there too. She is an insanely talented artist and works predominantly in oil and charcoal creating incredible photorealistic work. She has many other interests and talents and it was fun to sit with her to learn about her start in the creative world and her journey so far through it.

You can see more of Amy’s work at amygaulin.ca


If you are interested in seeing more about the Bring The Baler hanging behind us, view it HERE.

Amy also has an art show Cl*st*rf*ck happening March 22 + 23 at NVRLND – 1048 21 Ave SE.Be sure to check it out before she leaves Calgary to create her new home and artist retreat in Southern Alberta.

JENN THOMAS – March 13, 2019 – I met Jenn one day when she walked up to me at an art show and said she had seen my Forest Nap paintings online and absolutely had to have one! AND then when I found out Jenn was a fibre artist, well, if you know me, you know, I LOVE FIBRE! So, yes, our friendship blossomed and was meant to be! I have visited Jenns studio, seen her dyeing station, spinning wheels and the space where she creates her magic. I love to run her wool across my face and I have her yarn on my needles now.

Find Jenn online at fibregoddess.ca and on various social media platforms.


If you are interested in seeing more about the Forest Nap art hanging behind us, view it HERE.

Be sure to visit Jenn at her upcoming spring fibre shows!
Be sure to visit Jenn at her upcoming spring fibre shows!

BILLIE RAE BUSBY – March 3, 2019 – Billie Rae Busby joins me to share the goods on her art practice and life itself. She talks about something I heard about once before… life/work/creative balance! She shares all kinds of details about how she works, gets inspired and the evolution of her practice. I could have sat for hours and visited with Billie.

You can find out more about Billie’s practice by finding her on social media as well as the web at: billieraebusby.com


If you are interested in more information about the landscape art that hangs behind us, you can view it HERE. 

Just incase you are wondering, here is a photo of Billie Rae’s art turned into a carpet and HRH Queen Elizabeth standing on it!!!!


February 18, 2019 – My first video is ME, interviewing ME.