Mixed Media

Mixed Media

Karen has developed her own unique process by combining disciplines and media. She begins by finding, harvesting and building old wood frames and after applying numerous layers of media to the aged wood, finishes the process by sealing the steps together. You will notice a hint of a tissue layer showing through, leaving a large “dots per inch” or DPI *feel* to the images. This is purposeful and provides an obvious contrast. Karen is interested in marrying today’s technology with the weathered history – a feel of a prairie fossil – that the matured planks provide.

In the 1980’s her father was a director of United Grain Growers of Central Alberta. Before his death he wanted to capture and compile as many photographs as he could find of grain elevators in Central Alberta. This black-and-white photography collection now lives at the Innisfail Historical Society. The images you see here are in tribute to my Dad: ED’s Elevators!

Ed's Elevator 1 Mixed Media 41 ½”L x 18 ¼”W x 5 ½”D

Ed’s Elevator I

Ed's Elevator II Mixed Media 41 ½”L x 18 ¼”W x 5 ½”D

Ed’s Elevator II

Ed's Elevator III Mixed Media 41 ½”L x 18 ¼”W x 5 ½”D

Ed’s Elevator III


Echinacea – Various Sizes

Ed's Elevator 21 Mixed Media on Barnwood 11x62inches July 2014

Ed’s Elevator 21

The Other Three Sisters 11 x 5'-2"

The Other Three Sisters

Wild Rose 3' x 5' Plaster Relief on Barnwood 36x60inches July 2014

A Wild Rose

Prairie Quilt Plaster Relief on Barnwood 38x52inches July 2014

Prairie Quilt

Bar Code Plaster Relief on Barnwood 38x58inches July 2014

Bar Code