MIxed Media; 100 Year-old Shingles

4 Genereations

4 Genereations – image used with permission – (special order )$250

This mixed media style was created from the experience of harvesting shingles from an old garage in Calgary, Alberta. The garage was built in 1912 and was in disrepair and needed to come down.

These *art shingles* are the result of years of weathering and layers of mixed media. Most of the images are from my original watercolour paintings. Each piece requires repeated layering over a few days to get the desired final product. The shingles have been plaque mounted and float approximately 1/2″ from the wall. Final images are 10 – 15″ x 3 – 7″. Contact us to purchase your choice or to have something special created. The shingles are $200, a custom made shingle like the one pictured above is $250.