Colouring Book of Canada

$ 20.00

On a family holiday, my niece, Ella and I were hanging out drawing and colouring. After a little playing around, Ella asked if I would draw her some big pictures that she could colour.

That first drawing became the cover of this colouring book.

This colouring book is loaded with 37 hand drawn images for you to colour as well as commentary about the image.


This colouring book is for all ages and is a view of many iconic images of Canada drawn by Karen Scarlett. As you can imagine, it is difficult to get a full view of all things Canadian in just 37 hand drawn images but here you go!

This colouring book:

  • 8.5″ x 11″
  • is for all ages
  • is meant to be relaxing
  • can be framed individually
  • can be coloured in your choice of mediums
  • you can’t do this wrong!
  • it is fun

This colouring book can be worked on in various mediums. Wax crayons,  pencil crayons, pastels, watercolours, an assortment of markers will all do the trick too. One of my personal favourites is watercolour pencils. You can work on them with no water in sight but then you can make your images come alive with just little splashes of water on these drawings. Add the water as you first start working or leave it for another time.

Printed in Alberta.

Additional information

Dimensions 28 × 22 × 1 cm