Pendants on 100 Year Old Shingles

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These tiny pieces of wood are all hand cut and feature the aged barnwood from the prairie on one side and a print of one of my paintings on the other side.

2018 images for my pendants include Claremont Girl – named for the farm I grew up on, The Queens of the dairy are captured in Blue Moo and Bar Code Moo. Dasher is a fun and tiny deer and Jack is the friendly donkey inspired by a commission I did for friends Cathy and Drew. I have also included a few images of one of my favourite flowers, the Echincaea or Cone Flower.

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All of the pendants are one of a kind. They are created from shingles harvested off of a homestead house out in the Hanna, Alberta area at my friends, the Standings, farm.

This house was by all means fancy at the turn of the century. It boasted two rooms with a cook stove that – if it was not rusting through – would have made a spectacular show piece in home in this new mellenium.

These pendants are lacquered for protection but to be on the safe side, keep your pendant away from moisture.

Contactmedirectly for custom orders.

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Bar Code Moo, Blue Moo, Claremont Girl, Dasher, Echinacea 1, Echinacea 2, Echinacea 3, Jack, Peter