Fabric + Directions of Embroidery Kits (No thread or hoops)

$ 25.00

These embroidery kits are inspired by my watercolour paintings.

Each piece of fabric has the outline of the image. All fabric is cotton/linen blend and comes prewashed.

Use your own hoop and threads.

Kit contains fabric and directions.



Embroidery was my very first creative, handcraft skill that I learned from my Mom. I love it. I have always loved it. The process of using a needle with fibre and thread turns my brain off and sends me int a state of medatative bliss!

As a small kid, I spent hours hovering over my Mom’s shoulder watching her hands make precise stitches. I was always so upset that she would never let me run a sewing machine. When the embroidery hoop came out and I saw how she made magic with thread and needle, and created all kinds of pretty designs and images on cloth, I was hooked. I think I was 7 years old.

That first stitch I took on my own embroidery hoop, changed my life.

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