A collection of colourful dairy cows from the farm.

Doug has been bugging me to paint cows for a long time and I will admit that I wanted to honour the girls I grew up with.

Here is the start of the Holsteins painted in acrylic with plans for mixed media and watercolour images too.


Acrylic Canvases

moo karenscarlett stampede art auction 2016

Bar Code Moo – NFS

moo 2

Bar Code Blue – Framed in Barnwood $600 – SOLD

moo 4

Is There Something in My Ear?- $500 SOLD










moo 3

Have You Heard? – $500 SOLD

moo 6

Blue Moo – $800 SOLD

moo 10.1

Another Time – $800









1 moo tshirt

tshirt MOO1

2 moo tshirt

tshirt MOO 2

3 moo tshirt

tshirt MOO 3






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