Bar Code

$ 5,200.00

Read about my inspiration in the description below.

This is one of my favourite pieces I have ever produced. The frame and backing are from an old fence line in Calgary.The contentis anassortment of images from waterclour pieces I have produced and give a sampling of both urban and agricultural inspirations from Alberta and her landscapes.

Mixed Media on barnwood.

Measures: 38″ x 56″




Bar Code – The Story

Standing in line for groceries recently, I considered that no one was talking to anyone else. In fact, numerous people looked pretty grumpy waiting their turn in line. Even the cashiers looked like they would rather be someplace else.

I flashed back to growing up in Innisfail. Our family purchased groceries at Fred’s Food Market. Fred was always in the produce department when we walked in. I am sure he was the “greeter” model. He knew everyone in town and was happy to see everyone too. Conversations were part of the experience. Being updated and knowing “the kids” were doing well was important and he always wanted to know if he could help find anything. If Fred had ever run for mayor I am sure it would have been a landslide victory. Edie was the main cashier. She always asked how little Eddie (my dad) was and had updates on things we may need to know. She would let us know of anyone who needed help or should be checked on in town. There were no bar codes on anything we purchased then. She had prices memorized so she could participate in the important aspect of shopping at Fred’s – US.

Bar code is inspired by these two very opposite experiences.

In a favourite poem of mine, A Farmer’s Creed, you can read the words;
I believe many of the best things in life are indeed free; the splendour of a sunrise, the rapture of wide-open spaces, the exhilarating sight of your land greening each spring.

Our time here is limited. In the end, what will matter is the authentic connection we have with each other.