Miami Commission


In September 2015, I traveled to Miami, South Beach for design meetings. From that trip I was commissioned to produce 150 original pieces of art for the Royal Palm Hotel & Resort. A luxury brand with Starwood Hotels & Resorts.

These images come from a collection inspired by relationships. Below are the original pieces I produced as well as pictures of how they were installed in the hotel.

The Commissioned pieces in their final home in Miami Beach

Ripple Effect 1

Ripple Effect 2

Ripple Effect 3











Ripple Effect 7 & Ripple Effect 8

Pictures of the original art pieces in their final locations.

ripple bar

ripple book shelf

royal palm 1










When I put together my starting ideas for Ripple Effect, they went a bit like this:

“Ripple Effect

Water – space – time – energy

I was first inspired to create Ripple Effect by thinking about a water drop hitting the surface of a body of water.

Slow motion…
watching water drip
through space and time,
it lands
then a ripple forms.

In a glass of water
A bowl of water
In a puddle
A pond
In a lake
The ocean

I started thinking about the ripple and its effect.

I reflected on space, time and energy.

There is a ripple everywhere. Sometimes we can see it and other times we feel it. There is energy bouncing around and between objects.

It vibrates around us, between us and through us.

It is the relationship we have with, and to, each other. It ripples through business and personal relationships and through our spirit and souls.

It makes us cling to each other and move away from each other. As the ripples expand they encompass and include us all.

Ripple Effect is an expression of how we connect through:




But when I wrote those words they seemed a bit obtuse. Not really hitting what I wanted to share or describe. AND then I had a number of ripple effect moments in my own life over the last two weeks…

It all began with our friend Carla. Doug and I were lucky to spend a short get away with her, she is one of our favorite people to hang with. I came back from our short get away at the castle in Lake Louise, not only renewed but with an extremely sore throat. FROM LAUGHING so much and so hard.  She makes us smile. We have great conversation and most of it leads to hilarity. Her RIPPLE EFFECT on us is instant and strong.

While we were there on our way to our rooms, some extras got onto the elevator with us. At first I could not see them but if Doug had not told them there was plenty of room, I would not have run into my old friend Aaron who I had not seen in 20 years! Aaron and I had hung out in Calgary in 1995. We went to see Brave Heart a billion times at the cheap theatre. Now even the mention of that memory is sweet. It was so great to see Aaron’s smiling face and know that we are still connected through our own RIPPLE EFFECT!

Last week, I had lunch with my sister, Teresa and niece Scarlet. Scarlet is, as close to having a child, that I will experience, Teresa has been my best friend since forever. The RIPPLE at our table was easily apparent. Teresa told me to help someone with crutches get out from the table behind me and I got up to look into my friends face, Angie, we had a quick “ripple” catch up and then I looked at the next table where another friend Emily sat. Emily just became engaged to my long time friend, Spencer Estabrooks. Together, they created this video about my work: WATCH IT HERE

Reflecting on these exchanges over such a short time was interesting to feel them as ripples in my life. It made me think of those relationships I have with people who I do not see for long periods of time and when we do connect face to face it is like no time has gone by … The list is long….

When I started producing RIPPLE EFFECT, I was thinking about these types of connections and disconnections. About how they are sometimes fluid, sometimes surprising and sometimes just….