Artist Ranch Residency

The Artists Ranch Project features the art of  contemporary artists. The work below was inspired by my weekend on a  ranch in Longview, Alberta.

CTV News captured a bit of how the experience was for me.

I have created a collection called Land of Gold. It is my inspiration of the weekend in Longview which caused me to reflect on the magic and wealth of the experience of growing up in a *Land of Gold*!  There are three parts to my collection.

Prairie Fossil - Time Capsules

Prairie Fossil – Time Capsules

First is a group of 101 pendants created from 100 year old shingles, named PRAIRIE FOSSIL – TIME CAPSULES. They are my take on what the prairie has produced from the homesteads left sprinkling the countryside and on the inside, hold images from our family archives as well as paintings from this collection.

Prairie Fossil Time Capsule

Prairie Fossil Time Capsule


Choose from the selection here and contact me directly to make your purchase. or telephone 403-803-0085.



Secondly is MINERAL RIGHTS an inspiration from the land, my Dad and Grandma.

Thirdly is the collection of watercolour and mixed media art which is predominately the land around the farm I grew up on. Most of these images are painted from distant memories and are my take on my Land of Gold. All of the mixed media work starts from the watercolours. I photograph them, play with them in photoshop and then create print transfers that you can see sprinkled throughout the plaster. I love the combination of the barnwood and technology. All of the barnwood framing was done in our garage by my love, Doug.

I hope you enjoy my collection.

Mineral Rights Mineral Rights 

*Land of Gold* celebrates my experience of being an Alberta farm kid.

The table top I created with Grandma

The table top I created with Grandma


For my sixteenth birthday I built a resin and stone table top with my Grandma, which is still my bedside table. I have wanted to try working with resin again since and the Artists Ranch Project (ARP) provided that opportunity.

These 3” x 3” x 3” sculptures represent the history and wealth that comes from the experience that only the land and its people – my family – provide. I grew up – fifth generation – on the family farm west of Innisfail, Alberta and these sculptures represent the Little Red Deer river valley that was only a couple of miles away from our farm.

Mineral Rights 3Mineral Rights - The River

Mineral Rights 2





My great-great grandfather homesteaded the land I called home but oil was not produced until the early 1900’s prompting my grandparents to create our family corporation. My share of these mineral rights is very small but since my Dad’s passing in 2009, I continue to receive a present from him every Christmas and birthday and it makes me feel like we are still connected.

Dad once told me that his favorite thing to do was to walk into the pasture and take in all that he owned, his land, his cows…

his Land of Gold.

During our residency in Longview, I collected a bucket of black sand from the river bed which became the first layer of these sculptures. It grounds each of the pieces you see here just as the ARP experience grounded me and made me realize that growing up on a farm in Alberta has connected me with my Land of Gold in ways that continue to surprise me.



The third part of my Land of Gold collection is a combination of watercolour images framed in barnwood which I photograph and move them into mixed media work finished on old barnwood.  Honey Field 2

Fence Line

Fence Line

This link will connect you to a feature on John Scott and his ranch. Where I rediscovered my *Land of Gold*!